Jamestown Township was originally given its name after the English colony in Virginia.   When first settled, the Township of Jamestown was cleared for farmland, hence its appearance today. But before 1858 it was better known for its expansive timber and factories. It contained Volksville and Madison Lake village.

Before Jamestown Township was officially established, a small factory town sprung up. Two brothers, W and R Volk, traveled to the area with the hopes of starting a store and factory. Previously the area they came to had no name; it was just a chain of furniture manufacturing factories. But one year after their arrival people started referring to the area as “Volksville,” after the Volk brothers themselves. The factory continued successfully until 1880 when a fire burned down the factory, resulting in a $5000 loss. It was rebuilt but later torn down resulting in the untimely end of Volksville.

Madison Lake village contains the largest section of Jamestown Township. It was incorporated in 1892 as a village and patented to a man named Roger Wells. The village name was created by Margaret Fitcher. Madison Lake Village brought in many people eager to enjoy the beautiful surrounding lakes. One of those popular destinations was Point Pleasant townsite. This area was located within the village’s boundaries and was settled even before Madison Lake Village. A hotel was located here that was renowned and brought in guests from as far as Chicago.  With the area thriving, more buildings were being built. A school emerged after 1886 followed by a store, church, sawmill, and bank. The village continued to grow into the 1900s.