In November of 2021, the Blue Earth County Historical Society shared our BOLD vision to expand the History Center. That big bold vision will take many steps, partners, dollars and planning. To achieve this vision, we realized early on that we need to take small steps to realize the dream. So, the first BOLD step is to purchase the house next to the History Center, to allow for future expansion. We’re happy to report that BOLD Step #1 has been accomplished thanks for BOLD History Heroes like you!

As of August 1, 2023, BECHS is the official owner of the house, free and clear, thanks to funds donated since 2021. The house was built around 1906 and has served as a rental property for the past 50 years. We will be working closely with preservationists to salvage architectural and building materials that could be used for other projects. Then Holtmeier Construction will lead the demolition and recycling of the house.

Why demo the house? Poor condition, we are not in the position to be landlords, and we need the space for the expansion. This brings us to Step #2—new parking lot and exterior improvements; more long-term investment in the property.

New Parking Lot will include:

  • Increased parking from 37 to 46 spots with 8 near the entrance (only 3 now)
  • Two parking lot entrances off of South 5th Street
  • Pollinator gardens, patios, and bike rack
  • Replacement of 30+-year-old parking lot which is falling apart and unsafe
  • Parking lot lighting for neighborhood safety


This next BOLD step will require BOLD History Heroes once the final details and budget can be announced. Thank you sincerely for believing in this BOLD vision and these BOLD steps!