As a BECHS Supporter YOU make history possible. You safeguard our 20,000+ collection items; you provide inspiration with hands-on history activities; and you help celebrate and remember thousands of local stories.
Together we are sharing stories AND preserving the legacy of our county.

Every Dollar You Give Makes an Impact

We know you love the Historical Society as much as we do. This is why we want to share just one of the many times when our museum inspired awe and wonder!

Mrs. Hughes, a longtime resident and devoted grandmother brought her grandchildren, ages 4 and 6, to visit. While exploring the Museum and Discovery Lab, her grandson Henry saw something he’d never seen before.

With wide eyes 6-year-old Henry walked up to the object. It was so foreign to him that it could have been a rare ancient artifact! What was it? “A typewriter! Mrs. Hughes laughed.

Henry was fascinated! Hearing the clatter of the keys. Discovering the inner workings of the machine. Waiting for the “ding” at the end of a line of letters.

In that moment Mrs. Hughes was able to watch her grandson discover a bigger world, help him learn, and also teach him a little bit more about her own life (and how she’d used a typewriter – just like this one – for years).

We love how experiences like that of Mrs. Hughes and her grandson happen every day!

Each each year it takes at least $280,000 for BECHS to be the safekeepers of our history? To preserve, share and provide the one place for kids like Henry to discover the rich heritage of Blue Earth County.

This year, BECHS has received $257,373 in financial contributions. It will take $22,627 in additional support by December 31st to close the gap between what we have received and the real cost of maintaining AND growing the Historical Society.

That’s $60K in 60 Days from the start of the capaign.

$60K in 60 Days will start to make these dreams a reality:

  • Imagine a larger History Museum with interactive exhibits and expanded galleries for displaying our Model A, 1916 Firetruck, and even Stagecoach.
  • Imagine an updated and modern History Center where all ages can be inspired, engaged, and connect to our rich history.
  • Imagine how many more Blue Earth County stories you will learn and share.

Your contribution will cover the remaining expenses for this year, plus provide the resources and staffing needed to change those “imagines” into stories waiting to be told.

Together we can provide a modern approach to preserving and sharing history.

Thank you for investing in the future history.