Unique Mankato Stories


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Relive some of the forgotten and unique stories from Mankato, Minnesota’s first 100 years. By Daniel J. Vance

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  • Moses in the Promised Land [Dr. Moses Wickersham]
  • Julia and the Broken Promise [Julia A. Sears, Mankato Normal School President]
  • Schuyler and the Cold [Former Vice-President Schuyler Colfax]
  • Maud, the Bench, and the Unwritten Book [author Maud Hart Lovelace]
  • Hello Bill and the Rain [President William Taft]
  • Sinclair and the Roads [Sinclair Lewis]
  • Bill and the Black Tigers [William Sandon and his traveling baseball team]
  • Pete, Sr., and Television [Peter Ferguson of Mankato Citizens Telephone Company]
  • Jiggs, Margaret, and the Golfers [1946 Green Gables Tornado]
  • Alben, Dewey, Harry and Emmet [Sen. Alben Barkley, Gov. Thomas Dewey, Pres. Harry Truman]

ISBN: 978-0-9790885-3-7
Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society
Format: Paperback, B&W images, 187 pages, 9 x 7


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