Mankato Milestones

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Handbook of Facts and Folklore, Mankato, Minnesota, 1852-2002 by Bryce O Stenzel

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When was Mankato founded? Who was the first Mankato area baseball pitcher to develop the curve ball in 1889? What was the first car in the United States to be powered by a V-8 engine? Find the answer to these trivia questions and more!

This unique book, with its easy-to-use chronological format, details the history of Mankato, from its inception in 1852 to 2002, the “Year of the Sesquicentennial.” The book contains fascinating facts and folklore, from Mankato “firsts” to facts about landmark buildings and personalities. It was designed to give the reader an awareness and appreciation for the triumphs and tragedies that have marked the passage of time in the Mankato area.

ISBN: 0-9713168-1-3
Published by Minnesota Heritage Publishing
Format: Hardcover, 122 pages, b&w photographs. 8.2 x 5.8 inches


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