The Remarkable Men of Garden City


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Discover how 10 boys from the small town of Garden City, Minnesota became remarkable men of industry, wealth, and prestige.

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The ten remarkable men of Garden City are:
Henry S. Wellcome – Pharmaceutical chemist and owner of one of the world’s largest drug firms.
George M. Palmer – Mankato miller and banker.
Carlos Boynton – St. Paul capitalist and land dealer.
George F. Piper – Minneapolis capitalist and investment operator.
Eli S. Warner – St. Paul financier, printing industry and political leader
Amos S. Warner – Duluth real estate business man and legislator.
Ellsworth C. Warner – Minneapolis linseed oil miller and financier/capitalist.
Chelsea Rockwood – Minneapolis judge.
Adoniram Judson Rockwood – Wealthy farmer and legislator in Idaho.
Florado H. Wellcome – Head of a large chain of banks and president of the Union Investment Company.

ISBN: 978-0-9790885-5-1
Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society
Format: Paperback, 18 B&W images, 49 pages, 6 x 9

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