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The Blue Earth County Historical Society is delighted to announce the upcoming reception for the “Collections” gallery by the Bend of the River Photography Club. This captivating event, open to the public, is set to take place on Saturday, October 21st from 10am to 12pm at the Blue Earth County History Center.

The Bend of the River Photography Club, founded in 2008, has been fostering enthusiasm for the art of photography while providing opportunities to enhance photographic skills. The club boasts a diverse membership, welcoming artists of varying levels of experience. Their mission is clear: “We aim to grow our photography skills and share the passion of photography with others through community, friendship, practice, learning opportunities, and gallery exhibits.”

The “Collections” gallery, a captivating exploration into the art of collecting, invites visitors to ponder and wonder about the significance of the items we collect. “Not every collection is museum worthy, but every collection tells you something about the person who collected it. Ponder and wonder about what we don’t discard and the things we collect that other people have discarded that we find important enough to keep.”

The gallery and reception are free and open to the public and will remain on display at the Blue Earth County History Center through the end of December, allowing ample time for the community to enjoy the artwork. Join us in celebrating the art of photography and the beauty of collecting at this engaging event.

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