Jessica Potter

BECHS Executive Director

A combined passion for local history and cultivating strong relationships and connections with everyone engaged with the Blue Earth County Historical Society (BECHS), Jessica is an instrumental leader for the organization. Jessica is committed to helping everyone who interacts with BECHS to feel a strong, personal connection with their community and the history that surrounds them within this county. With a Bachelor of Arts in History, minors in Political Science and English Literature, and over 25 years working within historical societies, Jessica’s valuable experience and leadership skills enable her to effectively pursue the goals of the Historical Society and, most importantly, bring history to life for all those who engage with the organization.

Q&A with Jessica

Q: Tell us how you first became interested in history.
A: My love for history really began in college when we had the opportunity to explore local history and dig into national topics at a local level.

Q: What is your favorite piece of history about Blue Earth County?
A: I love “seeing” history all around me. It’s in the buildings, landscape, family names … Not one piece, but how all of the pieces fit together to weave our story.

Q: What makes you excited to jump out of bed and head to work each day?
A: Easy! Two things: The people I work with and my deep passion for the work we do.