Heather Harren

BECHS Communications and Events Manager

Absolutely passionate about history from a young age, Heather Harren is an absolute expert on the rich heritage of Blue Earth County. While pursuing her Master of Science in History and Nonprofit Leadership Certificate from Minnesota State University, Heather gained invaluable experience as a Graduate Assistant for the University Archives. This combination of strong education and experience made her an ideal fit for Blue Earth County Historical Society where she began her career as the Archives Assistant. Over the past twelve years, Heather has helped to enhance numerous aspects of the Society and has grown her career into her current position as Communications and Events Manager. More than anything, Heather enjoys engaging with the community and ensuring a welcoming, exciting experience for everyone who visits the History Center, Research Center, and Hubbard House.

Q&A with Heather

Q: Tell us how you first became interested in history.
A: I had an amazing US History teacher in high school who made learning about history fun. When I decided that being a doctor was not an option for me (I still to this day to not comprehend chemistry) I took general education classes and found I still enjoyed learning about history. The rest, you could say, is history!

Q: What is your favorite piece of history about Blue Earth County?
A: My obvious answer should be Brett’s of Salet’s Department Stores, as they were a part of my Master’s thesis. It could also be some of the strange murder cases that have popped up in research over the years. Oh, or that our county fair has been in one spot since 1860. Or, if I’m a crazy person, the US-Dakota Conflict. Basically, I think my favorite topic is whatever I’m currently researching.

Q: What makes you excited to jump out of bed and head to work each day?
A: Each day is different, and you never know what story you will hear on any given day. Some people have great stories in their families, as well as our volunteers!

Q: There’s so many fun things to do in Blue Earth County. What is your favorite activity in the area?
A: I love visiting Minneopa State Park to see the waterfalls. One day, I hope to see the bison! Or get a slice of pie at the Dam Store.