Danelle Erickson

BECHS Operations Manager

From a very young age, Danelle has had an unwavering curiosity and interest in history, reading as much historical fiction as she could get her hands on growing up. She has always been absolutely fascinated by the stories that every single person has about their own unique family history and how these stories connect the individuals of the communities in which we live, which led her to studying History in college. After launching her professional career as a business owner, Danelle later pursued an opportunity at the Blue Earth County Historical Society and has grown her career at this organization ever since, now fulfilling the role of Operations Manager.

Q&A with Danelle

Q: What is your favorite piece of history about Blue Earth County?
A: I’ve noticed my favorite pieces of Blue Earth County history often changes with the current traveling or temporary exhibit on display at the History Center. Because my desk is near the exhibit space, visitors will often share comments or ask questions, or I might get to share a history tidbit. With the variety of exhibits, it’s hard not to find a “new” favorite.

Q: What makes you excited to jump out of bed and head to work each day?
A: You never know what each day will bring – who will visit BECHS; what questions will be asked; what stories will be shared.

Q: After visiting BECHS, what is one thing you’d like everyone to walk away with?
A: A good story they can’t wait to share with someone else.

Q: Tell us your favorite thing to do in Blue Earth County.
A: I love the Kiwanis Holiday Lights in Sibley Park. The past few years, my siblings have come to town and we have a fun evening together. I also love that BECHS is a part of this community event.