Thank you for attending
A Night At the Speakeasy

Below you will find all the info you might need as you attend the Speakeasy

Zoom Registration

If you didn’t receive a Zoom registration email (sent November 5), click above to register.
Once registered, the link will appear. You will also receive the link by email.

Online Auction is Open!

You will need to create a “Bidding For Good” account in order to bid.
This can be found at the top of the auction page.
We’d suggest using your smart phone to bid on the auction items while attending the Zoom event using your computer or tablet.

Bidding Closes at 9:30 pm, November 7.

Intrigue Puzzles

Click here for the clue card to the evening’s puzzles.

The Speakeasy includes 3 Intrigue Puzzles. Work with other attends to solve them!

Please wait to being until instructed to do so.

Each Intrigue Puzzle you solve will give you a 3-digit code.
The codes are the passwords you will need to enter to continue the puzzles.

Speakeasy Packet and Puzzles

Most attendees should have received a Speakeasy Packet either by mail or in your Party Pack. If that is the case, you already have the information below. If you did not receive the packet, here are PDFs of the puzzles needed for the Intrigue Puzzles.

The clues can be viewed electronically, or you can print them out. Just no peeking! 🙂