• The Story of Maud and Delos Lovelace in California, 1953-1980 By The Southern California Chapter of the Betsy-Tacy Society Much has been written about Maud Hart Lovelace, beloved author of the Betsy-Tacy books. It is known that the books were based on her life growing up in Mankato, Minnesota at the turn of the century. It is also known that many of the characters in the books were based on real people, including her husband Delos. However, portions of her life remain uncharted. Thanks to the generosity of Maud and Delos’s daughter, Merian Lovelace Kirchner, selected diaries of Maud Hart Lovelace have been made available so that more of her life can be shared with others. Although Delos Wheeler Lovelace did not keep journals, stories told by family and friends, as well as Maud’s diaries, bring to life the delightful and intense nature of this complex man. While this book focuses mainly on the Lovelaces’ first few years in California, it also tells the story of the final chapter in Maud and Delos' life—their retirement years in the lovely tree-lined town of Claremont, California. ISBN: 978-0-615-63477-7 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 52 pages, 8.5 x. 5.5 inches
  • by Kathleen Baxter Have you ever wished you could meet a book character? I grew up in Walnut Grove, Minnesota, renowned as the place where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in On the Banks of Plum Creek, as well as the setting for the TV show Little House on the Prairie. My mom had gone to college in Mankato, knew that it had been fictionalized as Deep Valley in the Betsy-Tacy books, and suggested I give them a try. Little did she know that she would create a lifelong passion. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that one day I'd meet several of the real-life counterparts upon whom characters in the books were based, let alone correspond with their author. Betsy, Tacy and Tib - and Maud Hart Lovelace-have opened so many doors for me through the years. Without them, my life wouldn't have been this much fun! ~ Kathleen Baxter ISBN: 978-0-9961204-6-3 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 80 pages, 8.5 x. 5.5 inches
  • A Guide to Maud Hart Lovelace's Mankato A Traveler's Companion to the Places in the Betsy-Tacy books By Julie A Schrader

    Over the years fans of Maud Hart Lovelace have traveled to Mankato to visit the homes of Betsy and Tacy and seek out the places of Maud's childhood. It is still possible to revisit the streets of Maud Hart Lovelace's Deep Valley. Let your imagination take you back in time to an era when Maud was a young Victorian girl. Step into the pages of the Betsy-Tacy books when you visit Maud Hart Lovelace's childhood home. Walk in her footsteps through the historic Lincoln Park neighborhood nestled in the picturesque hills of Mankato. This guidebook will lead you on a self-guided tour of Maud's Deep Valley.

    ISBN: 978-0-9794940-4-8 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 145 B&W photographs, illustrations and maps, 184 pages, 4.5 x 8

  • By Maud Hart Lovelace Maud Hart Lovelace author of six historical fiction novels and eighteen children’s books, is international known for the Betsy-Tacy children’s books. Her first novel, The Black Angels, was published in 1926. This fascinating story is set in Minnesota and opens in the days before the Civil War. From the original 1926 book jacket: They were called the Black Angels from the time they first appeared in Minnesota, a crew of black-haired, bright-eyed youngsters, so unlike their flaxen haired father-seven of them there were, and each one forever singing, except Joseph who could not tell one note from another. Music was a passion with them from childhood. Small wonder, then, that they greeted with enthusiasm Benjy’s plan for an Operatic and Concert Troupe; or that they set out with high hearts upon the venture, thinking their old covered wagon a golden caravan. ISBN: 978-0-9794940-5-5 Re-published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing, 2009 Format: Paperback, 332 pages, 7.5 x 5 inches
  • By Maud Hart Lovelace Emily Webster, an orphan living with her grandfather, is not like the other girls her age in Deep Valley, Minnesota. After graduation, she longs to join the Crowd and go off to college—but she can't leave her grandfather alone at home. Resigning herself to a "lost winter," Emily nonetheless throws herself into a new program of study and a growing interest in the local Syrian community, and when she meets a handsome new teacher at the high school, Emily gains more than she ever dreamed possible. Maud Hart Lovelace's only young adult stand-alone novel, Emily of Deep Valley is considered by fans of her beloved Betsy-Tacy series to be one of the author's finest works. ISBN:978-0-06200330-0 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 336 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • Edited by Julie A Schrader

    12 short stories written by Maud and Delos Lovelace from the years 1915-1928.

    ISBN: 978-0-9850937-1-6 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 208 pages, 6 x 9

  • By Maud and Delos Lovelace From the original 1934 book jacket: One Stayed at Welcome opens with the founding of Welcome by two young men, Larry and Dan, who have made a lasting friendship on the trek from the East. Their little town grows rapidly and within two years many new faces are to be found on the shores of Lake Welcome. Among the varied newcomers is an old school teacher and his daughter Lillie, whom Dan and Larry remember as a little girl playing on the decks of a Mississippi River steamer. Now she is a matured young woman, and before a winter has passed both men are in love with her. Soon their hidden jealousy flames up in a youthful quarrel and Welcome rocks with the news that Dan and Larry are no longer sharing their joint claim. Their quarrel reaches its climax the night of the great prairie fire, and with it comes a new friendship through mutual self-sacrifice. ISBN: 978-0-9850937-5-4 Re-published by Minnesota Heritage Publishing, 2013 Format: Paperback, 333 pages, 7.5 x 5 inches
  • Edited by Julie A. Schrader

    A collection of 18 short stories that Maud and Delos wrote together along with illustrations and cover art from when the stories were first published. 

    ISBN: 978-0985093754 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 274 pages, 6 x 9

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    By Maud Hart Lovelace Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin A limited edition reprint, originally printed in 1950. The Tune in the Tree is a delightful story that will stay with you for a lifetime. A charming fantasy that combines nature and nurutre inspring children to love and respect nature. Maud Hart Lovelace, author of six historical fiction novels and eighteen children's books, is internationally known for the Betsy-Tacy children's books. Eloise Wilkin, award-winning American illustrator, best known as an illustrator of the Little Golden Books. ISBN: 978-1733113908 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 178 pages, 6 x 9
  • by Maud Hart Lovelace Betsy Was a Junior: It's the best school year ever, especially now that charming, funny Tib Muller is back in Deep Valley. But when her crowd gets into trouble, Betsy's best year could turn out to be her worst. Betsy and Joe: Betsy always thought she and Joe Willard were made for each other-and now that summer's over and senior year's begun, it seems her dream is coming true! But her friend Tony Markham has come calling as well-and his intentions are definitely romantic. ISBN: 978-0061794728 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 640 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • by Maud Hart Lovelace Carney's House Party: In the summer of 1911, Caroline "Carney" Sibley is home from college and looking forward to hosting a month long house party—catching up with the old Crowd, including her friend Betsy Ray, and introducing them to her Vassar classmate Isobel Porteous. Romance is in the air with the return of Carney's high school sweetheart, Larry Humphreys, for whom she's pined all these years. Will she like him as well as she once did? Or will the exasperating Sam Hutchinson turn her head? Winona's Pony Cart: More than anything in the world, Winona Root wants a pony for her eighth birthday. Despite her father's insistence that it's out of the question, she's wishing so hard that she's sure she'll get one—at least, that's what she tells her friends Betsy, Tacy, and Tib. . . . ISBN:978-0-06200329-4 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 448 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • by Maud Hart Lovelace Heaven to Betsy: Betsy Ray is loving every minute of freshman year at Deep Valley High-with new and old friends all around her . . . not to mention boys! But most intriguing of all is the one she and her best friend, Tacy, dub "the Tall Dark Stranger." Betsy in Spite of Herself: Betsy is at the center of every activity as a Deep Valley High sophomore-and suddenly, thanks to her old friend Tib, she's offered a golden opportunity for glorious transformation. But will she impress the special boy by becoming dramatic, mysterious Betsy-or would she be better off just being Betsy in spite of herself? ISBN: 978-0061794698 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 704 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • by Maud Hart Lovelace There are lots of children on Hill Street, but no little girls Betsy's age. So when a new family moves into the house across the street, Betsy hopes they will have a little girl she can play with. sure enough, the moment Betsy meets Tacy, one of the most heartfelt friendships in all of children's literature begins. The Betsy-Tacy Treasury brings together the first four books in Maud Hart Lovelace's classic series: Betsy-Tacy, Betsy-Tacy and Tib, Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Big Hill, and Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown. Tracing the girls' lives from early childhood to the brink of adolescence, Lovelace illuminates their innocent, mischievous fun and their eye-opening adventures exploring the world around them - from the stories Betsy spins from their neighborhood bench and the sand stores they run in their backyards to their first experiences at the library, the thrill of the theater, and the sight of their first automobile. ISBN: 978-0-06-209587-9 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 720 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • by Maud Hart Lovelace Betsy and the Great World: Betsy Ray is twenty-one and on the adventure of a lifetime: a solo tour of Europe! There's even a handsome Italian, Marco, who's going overboard for her-if only she could stop thinking about her ex-sweetheart Joe Willard. Betsy's Wedding: When Betsy's boat docks in New York, Joe is waiting there . . . with a ring! But she's going to learn that marriage isn't all candlelight, roses, and kisses. There's also cooking, ironing, cleaning, and budgeting-and will she be able to find time to forge a writing career? ISBN: 978-0061795138 Published by: Harper Perennial Modern Classics Format: Paperback, 688 pages, 5.5 x 8
  • by Amy Dolnick Maud Hart Lovelace's Betsy-Tacy series immortalizes the author's family and friends as well as the lifestyle of a small Midwestern town at the turn of the century. Future in a Handbasket tells the story one of Lovelace's friends, Marion Everett, through letters and family memories. Beyond her fictional identity as Carney Sibley, Marion Everett was a woman who lived beautifully within the defined roles for women of her day--daughter, wife, and mother. This glimpse at an "ordinary" life shows that no life need be ordinary if it's lived to the fullest. ISBN: 0-9640846-1-9 Published by: Maud Hart Lovelace Society Format: Paperback, 184 pages, 6 x 9
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    By Julie A Schrader Step into the pages of Maud Hart Lovelace’s “Deep Valley” during the early 1900s. Maud Hart Lovelace was born in Mankato in 1892 and lived there until 1910. The author of six novels and eighteen children’s books, Maud often remarked that she always felt destined to become an author. She is best known for her beloved series of Betsy-Tacy books, which to a great extent depicts her childhood days in Mankato, Minnesota, the fictionalized “Deep Valley.” Maud’s books have created a historical account of life for one little girl growing up in the Midwest at the turn of the century. Her stories of small town life, family traditions and enduring friendships have captured the hearts of her fans over the years. This guidebook is designed to take you on a tour of the Mankato places Maud so accurately describes in her Betsy-Tacy books. “To find the Deep Valley of the Betsy-Tacy stories in this hustling, modern Mankato is not easy. You must wipe out the changes time has brought and bring back the horse and buggy days.” Maud Hart Lovelace, 1961 ISBN: 0-9713168-2-1 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Paperback, 325 pages, B&W photographs and illustrations, 9.8 x 6.9