Books specific to Blue Earth County history, written and published locally. Great for history buffs, genealogists or anyone who loves a good story!

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    Preview of Blue Earth County Century Farms, James S. Lloyd Farm Blue Earth County Century Farms
    Blue Earth County Century Farms features 178 Century Farms designated in Blue Earth County between 1976 and 2004.
  • Preview of The Historian, volume 1. The opening paragraphs to "Keeping Pace with Progress" Blue Earth County Historian, Volume 1 with articles from 2001-2005
    This volume is a collection of articles originally published in The Blue Earth County Historian from 2001-2005. The twenty different stories cover a variety of topics, unique to Blue Earth County history. From articles on innovation in teaching to biographical sketches of some remarkable people, from accounts of the development of local industry to stories of immigration from all parts of the world, plus many more. Contents:
    • Mankato High Schools, Part 3
    • Keeping Pace with Progress (Brett's)
    • Curling in Blue Earth County
    • BECHS Turns 100!
    • History of Minneopa Cemetery
    • Blue Earth County First Settlement, etc.
    • Celebrating Our Past
    • Winnebago in Blue Earth County
    • My First Dollar
    • Gardens of Hubbard House and the Carriage House
    • Who is Albert Schippel
    • Archaeology in Blue Earth County: The Cambria Focus
    • The Andrews Family Opera Company
    • Early Resorts on Madison Lake
    • Mystery of the Yaeger School House Ghost
    • Lebanese Immigration to Mankato
    • Century Farms in Blue Earth County
    • Diners and Restaurants to Remember
    • They Asked To Go: The Untold Story of Early Blue Earth County Women Veterans
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    Preview of The Historian, volume 2. The opening paragraphs to "Blue Earth County Pioneer Parishes" The Blue Earth County Historian, Volume 2, with articles from 2006-2010
    Compilation of articles from the Blue Earth County Historical Society's quarterly newsletter, The Historian, from 2006 through 2010. Topics include mills and elevators; literature and photography; murder and gangsters. Compiled by Donna Webb ISBN: 978-0-9790885-8-2 Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society Format: Softcover; B&W images and illustrations, 143 pages, 6 x 9 Contents:
    • Greek Immigration to Mankato
    • Immigration Routes and the Journey of R. D. Hubbard
    • The Literary Heritage of Blue Earth County
    • Where Did the River Go? A. Anderson's Artistic Vision
    • Brick Walls
    • Historical Clothing and Textiles
    • Mills of Blue Earth County
    • Indian Creek
    • South Bend Township
    • Old Photographs and the Secrets They Hold
    • Prairie Skyscrapers
    • Shadows of the Past
    • Old Photographs and the Secrets They Hold, Part 2: Photography 1900-1930
    • Sarah Christie Stevens: Superintendent of Schools
    • Mankato's Role in the Carp Story
    • Fall Harvest
    • Blue Earth County Pioneer Parishes
    • Don't Let the Research Center Scare You
    • The Shady Lady from South Bend
    • Sibley Park: Lions and Racetracks and Floods, Oh My!
  • Preview of Did They Think We Would Remember? Lake Crystal, MN; Bill Deutsch excerpt Did They Think We Would Remember? Ordinary Legends: People from Lake Crystal, Minnesota 1900 to 1950
    Ordinary Legends: People from Lake Crystal, Minnesota 1900 to 1950 by Maggie Jones A book about a unique place - a town filled with Joneses, where the postmaster performed trapeze acts and the druggist gave parties for hundreds of children, where the school superintendent composed marches and a pair of identical twins created famous dolls. This book is about legacies and the fact that even when we may think our life is ordinary, we are remembered. These people were not ordinary, but most thought they were. They didn't leave much to research; some didn't even leave photos. What they left were imprints in the people's memories. ISBN: 0-615-11940-9 Published by: Blueberry Press Format: Paperback, B&W photographs and illustrations, 123 pages, 10.75 x 8.25
  • Preview of Fire!, early fires in Amboy Fire! Stories of Fires and Firefighting in Blue Earth County's Early Years


    Stories of Fires and Firefighting in Blue Earth County's Early Years By Helen Sofchalk Fire! is a collection of stories intended to show the primitive state of firefighting technology in the early days of Blue Earth County, the rapid advance of that technology over the next 65 years and the dedication of the firemen who labored against almost insurmountable odds to help their fellow citizens. Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society Format: Paperback, Revised Edition, B&W images and illustrations, 54 pages, 6 x 9
  • Showcasing photographs from the area's first 70 years, the Blue Earth County Historical Society has compiled over 200 images of the lifestyles and advancements of its earliest settlers. Using unpublished photographs from its own archives as well as from the county residents, the Society offers a glimpse of the pioneering spirit that made Blue Earth County what it is today. ISBN: 978-0-7385-0830-6 Published by: Arcadia Publishing Format: Paperback, B&W Glossy, 128 pages, 8 x 10
  • Preview of Meet the Hubbards - Hubbards in Mankato Meet the Hubbards
    R. D. Hubbard, local entrepreneur, became the founder of Hubbard Milling Company, the largest flour mill in Southern Minnesota. Hubbard built his home on South Broad Street in Mankato in 1871 where he raised three children. This book covers the Hubbard family's life in Mankato. It includes Hubbard family genealogy and family photographs.
  • A Company History from 1898 - HickoryTech by Daniel J. Vance A chronological history of HickoryTech from its founding in 1898 to 2004. ISBN: 0-9672014-8-9 Published by: AdVance Creative Format: Paperback, Color Pictures, 180 pages, 10 x 8
  • Preview of Rapidan Dam: The Construction of a Landmark, February 28, 1910 newspaper report Rapidan Dam: The Construction of a Landmark
    The Rapidan Dam was constructed in 1910-1911 by the Ambersen Hydraulic Construction Company of Boston contracted by the consumer's Power Company of Chicago. The Dam was built to service Blue Earth County and surrounding southern Minnesota residents with "cheap power", as stated in The Daily Review in March 1911. The dam's construction was an engineering and construction marvel for southern Minnesota and is presented in this book as chronicled by local newspapers and photographers.
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    Preview of The Remarkable Men of Garden City The Remarkable Men of Garden City, Minnesota
    Discover how 10 boys from the small town of Garden City, Minnesota became remarkable men of industry, wealth, and prestige.
  • Memoirs of Elizabeth Vosbeck of her father Frederick William Just. The story of Frederick William Just - Football player, Navy Captain, Post Master, husband and father. Format: Paperback, 50 pages, color and B&W photographs, 8x10
  • Researched and Edited by Marcia Baer A memorandum and examination of the history of the housing oddity in Mankato called "the barracks." This book also includes personal stories and photographs of the people and families who lived in the barracks. Format: Softcover, B&W, 110 pages
  • Preview of Unique Mankato Stories, Julia Sears and the Broken Promise Unique Mankato Stories
    By Daniel J. Vance Relive the incredible forgotten stories of Mankato, Minnesota. Subjects include: Moses Wickersham, Julia A. Sears, Bill Sandon's Black Tigers, Maud Hart Lovelace, Peter Ferguson Sr., Sinclair Lewis, the Green Gables tornado, the death of Vice President Schuyler Colfax, and Presidential visits of Taft and Truman. These hidden gems span the first 100 years of Mankato history. ISBN: 978-0-9790885-3-7 Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society Format: Paperback, B&W images, 187 pages, 9 x 7
  • Back cover to The Red Jacket Valley
    The Red Jacket Valley is located in Blue Earth County, the heart of southern Minnesota. With its wooded rolling hills and meandering rivers, this historic valley has endured many changes over the past 150 years. Let your imagination wander back in time as the stories and pictures recreate an era when the first trains traveled through the countryside and school children played at the Indian Lake schoolhouse. The old pioneers have since passed on, but their stories are longing to be told. ISBN: 978-0971316805 Published by: Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Softcover, 96 pages, 36 B&W images, 9.9 x 6.8
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    Preview of the book Mankato Milestones, including Mutt and Jeff from the Sibley Park Zoo Maniato Milestones: Handbook of Facts and Folklore

    Mankato Milestones

    Handbook of Facts and Folklore, Mankato, Minnesota, 1852-2002 By Bryce O Stenzel When was Mankato founded? Who was the first Mankato area baseball pitcher to develop the curve ball in 1889? What was the first car in the United States to be powered by a V-8 engine? Find the answer to these trivia questions and more! This unique book, with its easy-to-use chronological format, details the history of Mankato, from its inception in 1852 to 2002, the “Year of the Sesquicentennial.” The book contains fascinating facts and folklore, from Mankato “firsts” to facts about landmark buildings and personalities. It was designed to give the reader an awareness and appreciation for the triumphs and tragedies that have marked the passage of time in the Mankato area. ISBN: 0-9713168-1-3 Published by Minnesota Heritage Publishing Format: Hardcover, 122 pages, b&w photographs. 8.2 x 5.8 inches
  • Preview of The Remarkable Men of Garden City The Remarkable Men of Garden City, Minnesota
    Discover how 10 boys from the small town of Garden City, Minnesota became remarkable men of industry, wealth, and prestige.
  • Compilation of articles from the Blue Earth County Historical Society's quarterly newsletter, The Historian, from 2011 through 2015. See below for a full list of topics. Published by: Blue Earth County Historical Society Format: Softcover; B&W images and illustrations, 170 pages, 6 x 9 Contents:
    • Her Roots Run Deep: Margaret Anderson Kelliher
    • Blue Earth County and the Civil War: Company H 2nd Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry
    • These Blue Earth County Roots of Mine
    • Blue Earth County Monuments and Markers
    • The Grand Army of the Republic
    • Census Records: Treasure Chest for Family Researchers
    • A Trip Down Memory Lane: Shopping on Front Street
    • In Search of the Elusive Mrs. Rablin
    • “I Cannot Hang Men for Votes” Abraham Lincoln’s Moral Dilemma
    • A Tale of Two Men: Promoting the Blue Earth County Historical Society 100 Years Later
    • What’s in a Name? Blue Earth County’s Geographic Names
    • Surrounded By History: The People Behind Blue Earth County Street Names
    • Stories from the Slough
    • Seppmann: The Man and The Mill
    • Protecting, Predicting and Preparing: A Look Back at How Blue Earth County Prepared for Disasters
    • “Happy Days Are Here Again” Roosevelt’s New Deal in Blue Earth County
    • Blue Earth County Women Answer the Call of Duty During World War II
    • High Water and Hard Work: Remembering the Flood of 1965
    • The Naming and Spelling of Mankato, Minnesota
    • Electricity Comes to Rural Blue Earth County
  • Equality in the Ballot Box
    Equality at the Ballot Box: Votes for Women on the Northern Great Plains Author and Minnesota State University, Mankato History Professor, Dr. Lori Ann Lahlum is one of the editors of this new title. Dr. Lahlum and Molly P. Rozum worked together to compile 18 original essays, encompassing many different aspects of the suffrage movement. Discover how our neighbors to the West made their mark in the fight for Equality at the Ballot Box. ISBN: 978-1941813263 Published by: South Dakota Historical Society Press Format: Hardback, 410 pages, 6.5 x 9.25
  • by Darby Nelson with John Hickman, Editor Growing up in the river town of Morton, Darby Nelson developed a deep taproot of affection that anchored his contagious curiosity about the land and people of the Minnesota River Valley. Now, with an ecologist’s lens and a lifelong appreciation for wild and scenic places, Darby sets out with his wife, Geri, to paddle the river all the way from its source near the Minnesota–South Dakota border to its confluence with the Mississippi in the Twin Cities. For Love of a River: The Minnesota addresses topics as diverse as geology, early and modern agriculture, citizen advocacy, water-quality challenges and solutions, river-based recreation, dams and dam removal, prairie pothole lakes, the river’s rich diversity of plant and animal life, and the Dakota–US War. Never before has a book undertaken such a holistic exploration of the state’s namesake river and its basin. Includes beautiful illustrations and colored photographs of Darby and Geri's journey. Soft Cover, 248 pages ISBN:9781643439174
  • A screenshot of Calvary Cemetery as seen in BECHS Calvary Cemetery Video Opening graphic for BECHS virtual tour of Calvary Cemetery, Mankato
    Explore Calvary Cemetery, Mankato, with this virtual tour. Learn its history, view some of the unique grave markers and “meet” some of those buried here through historic photos and narrated stories.

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