Hello! My name is Cliff Coy, and I am the newly appointed Community Engagement Manager at the Blue Earth County Historical Society.

Having grown up on a small hobby farm outside of New Richland, Minnesota, I developed a profound appreciation for my surroundings and a love for history through a lot of reading and the support of amazing teachers. Motivated by a strong desire to find myself and my place in the world, I embarked on a remarkable 12-year journey in the Army, fulfilling the role of a Public Affairs Specialist. During this time, I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to the preservation and documentation of history as a Combat Historian, serving in Iraq from 2009 to 2010. I also developed a love for travel during this time and had the opportunity to travel to most of the continental United States, as well as several countries.

While history is undoubtedly one of my passions, I also find solace and creative fulfillment in the realm of art. Through the mediums of photography and printmaking, I can express myself and delve into various artistic ventures. At present, my focus lies in creating a collection of relief woodcuts featuring the diverse native North American animal species. My educational and artistic endeavors have been further enriched by the acquisition of an Associates of Science degree in Multimedia Technology from South Central College in North Mankato, followed by a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Photography from Minnesota State University Mankato.

Beyond my professional and artistic pursuit, I find immeasurable joy in spending quality time with my beautiful fiancé and daughter. Engaging in hands-on activities such as home improvement projects, exploring the wonders of zoos, and embarking on delightful small adventures with my family bring me immense happiness and fulfillment. I also enjoy riding motorcycle, playing guitar and singing in my spare time, and love the amount of art, music, and culture that this small part of Minnesota has to offer.

With my comprehensive background, unwavering dedication to history, and innate passion for hands-on work, I am thrilled to assume this role. I firmly believe in fostering meaningful connections with the community, and I am committed to preserving and sharing our local history.