Speaker's Bureau

The Blue Earth County Historical Society presents the history and heritage of Blue Earth County through our Speaker’s Bureau which consists of Educational Programs, Informational Presentations and Historic Site Tours available for groups, organizations, clubs, and more!

Educational programs are a virtual tour of the Society’s collections through a historical topic.Presenters are experts, scholars and/or historians knowledgeable in their topic that represent the Society.Educational programs are $25 per program per speaking engagement.See the list below for Educational Program.

Informational presentations are focused on the Historical Society’s history, a program or upcoming exhibit, publication or a service provided by the Society.Promotional presentations are free. Presentations focused on BECHS publications will include the availability of that book for purchase by participants.See the list below for Promotional presentations.

To arrange an Educational Program or Informational Presentation, contact Heather at 507-345-5566 or bechshh@hickorytech.net. All programs and presentations feature a PowerPoint presentation unless otherwise noted. Presenters will bring own equipment if necessary.

Educational Program - $25 fee

List of Programs:

  • 1918 Flu Epidemic
  • Beginning Genealogy
  • Blue Earth County Poor Farm History
  • Cemetery Preservation (optional cemetery tour available)
  • Cemetery Research 101
  • Demystifying Your Family Photographs
  • Historic Mankato Floods: 1881-1969
  • Historic Minnesota Blizzards
  • How to Do Your House History
  • Lost Historic Blue Earth County Buildings
  • Photograph and Paper Preservation 101
  • Pocket and Purses (no PowerPoint)
  • Quilt History (no PowerPoint)
  • Researching Local Newspapers
  • Researching Probate Records
  • Researching the Census
  • Uncovering Your Family History
  • Welsh in Blue Earth County
  • Women’s Club Movement in Blue Earth County

More added on a regular basis

Informational Presentation – Free (Limit of 2 per year)

  • History and Introduction to the Blue Earth County Historical Society
  • History of the Blue Earth County Courthouse – based on the BECHS book and DVD of the same title (optional DVD showing available)
  • Meet the Hubbard’s – based on the book by the same title
  • Remarkable Men of Garden City - based on the BECHS book by the same title
  • The Front Street Project
  • The Multifaceted Carp - based on the BECHS book by the same title
  • History of Minneopa State Park - based on the BECHS book by the same title

Information about tours.